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Flying High at Longford Park
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School Development Plan: "Ready to Learn, Ready to Grow"

In this first year, we created a School Opening Plan. This set out the main school development priorities and ensured that we meet the ambitious milestones focused entirely on meeting the needs of the children and providing them with a truly exceptional education.

All staff and governors contributed to this plan, reviewing this three times a year. This ensures that the action plan remained up to date and responds to the accurate self-evaluation and next steps.


Developing the Vision and Values of the School

Pupils, parents, staff and governors have a shared understanding of the values underpinned by the Flying High vision (Achieve, Be and Celebrate your Best).

GLA Teaching and Learning strategies and systems and assessment

Teachers plan highly effective lessons to meet the needs of the children. We have assessed children's learning through a combination of observation, marking and feedback and testing to ensure we have a precise and accurate understanding of every child's next steps. 'Talk for Writing' is way to help children's writing and staff have been trained to deliver this. Reading has been high profile, with teachers developing ways for children to be better, more active readers.


We set up systems to ensure that the children are safe, happy and thriving in a nurturing and stimulating environment. Staff have been trained and have completed a thorough induction. We have actively sought feedback from parents during this early development phase, pleased by the very positive response.

Priorities for 2018/19

Our Strategic Development Plan focuses on the following key areas:

  • Collective Efficacy (the foundations for a maturing organisation that helps sustain and develop as well as implement change)
  • Reading – (planning and delivery of a Longford teaching sequence)
  • UNITED (our learning curriculum)
  • Learning taxonomy (how we develop ways to focus on depth on understanding from shallow to deep conceptual thinking)
  • Talk for Writing 
  • Reading assessment and reading habits (including Accelerated Reader); sharing our success with teaching fluency 
  • Foundation Subject planning (all subjects other than literacy and maths)