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Children in Care and Looked After Children

At the GLA we believe that all CIC/LAC, and those previously in care, should have equitable access to excellent educational provision and achieve at a similar level to all children. As a community we aim to be champions for CIC/LAC and take a proactive approach to support their success, recognising that we have a vital role to play in promoting their educational achievement and social and emotional development. 

To do this we commit to:

  • Supporting them to raise their aspirations;
  • Giving them a sense of the control they have over their own lives;
  • Fostering positive attitudes and behaviours;
  • Providing continuity and ‘normality’ for those who may have been subject to emotional distress, abuse and disruption.

Definition: Who are our CIC/LAC?

Most CIC/LAC will be living in foster homes but a smaller number may be in a children’s home, living with a relative or even be placed back at home with their parent(s) sharing parental responsibility with the Local Authority. 

Under the Children Act 1989, a child is in the Care of the Local Authority if he or she is provided with accommodation for more than 24 hours by the Authority. This includes the following:

  1. a) Children who are accommodated by the Local Authority under a voluntary agreement with their parents;
  2. b) Children who are the subject of a Care Order or Interim Care Order;
  3. c) Children who are the subject of Emergency Orders for the protection of the child.

For a copy of our Policy for the Education of Children in Care/ Looked After Children (CIC/LAC) please click here.