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LPPA's Curriculum

At Longford Park Primary Academy we believe that lessons should be stimulating, exciting and engaging.

The key principles of:

  • Assessment-led teaching,
  • Misconceptions teaching,
  • Primary Talk – developing communication and interaction skills.

Are the teaching and learning pedagogies which underpin our curriculum design.

It is our intent to is to ensure that every child is equipped with communication and language skills, in both oral and written form, which will enable them to continue to secure good progress in all areas of their learning.

We provide a curriculum that will enable our children to be secure on the basic skills in English and Mathematics understanding how to learn, think creatively, take risks and manage change.

The way we have designed our curriculum intends to shape children who are active and curious: that create their own hypotheses, ask their own questions, support and coach one another, set goals for themselves, understand their progress and experiment with ideas for taking risks.

We provide them with an environment where they feel safe and understand that making mistakes and ‘being stuck’ are part of learning. We encourage them to be active listeners who are able to express their opinions carefully and confidently, respecting the views of others.

Our Wider Curriculum Vision:

We intend to provide an AMBITIOUS curriculum for all our pupils.

Our GLA 3D curriculum is a knowledge-connected curriculum, rooted in acquisition of language and development of subject specific vocabulary. It is designed to build schema and cultural capital through providing enriching experiences, the opportunity to build on prior learning and stimulating philosophical discussion to reason, form opinion and develop a deeper appreciation of the world around us.