Longford Park Primary School

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Emma Williams:  Headteacher

Mrs Williams is an experienced teacher and leader, having worked for the schools within the GLA since 2009.  Following a role on the leadership team at Bishop’s Cleeve Primary, she was appointed to the Trust-wide role of Director of Early Years as an Assistant Headteacher, working across all the GLA schools.  Mrs Williams was also part of the Trust’s School Improvement Team, which required her to provide leadership and guidance both within the GLA and to failing schools outside of the GLA.  In this role, Mrs Williams worked across all year groups, and with colleagues in leadership positions. 

Mrs Williams will be in school Monday-Thursday


Richard Clowes: Assistant Headteacher and Key Stage 2 Teacher 

Mr Clowes is a highly experienced teacher who has worked across different age classes in his teaching career. He is really enjoying working at Longford Park Primary Academy and alongside all the families who join the school. He is passionate that all children can achieve and become confident individuals during their time at school. Mr Clowes will be overseeing the junior classes supporting all the children with their own learning journeys.

Emma Leggott: Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-Ordinator

Miss Leggott currently manages a large team of support staff across the alliance, monitoring and supporting the needs of children identified as requiring additional intervention and provision. Emma has a vast amount of experience in various roles across the GLA and is deployed at Longford for one day each week to co-ordinate SEN.

Charlotte Valente: Reception Teacher 

 Miss Valente joined Longford in September 2019, and previously worked in Reception in one of our GLA schools for two years. Miss Valente is passionate about working alongside parents to ensure children have the best possible time in Reception. This includes providing the children with activities that are exciting and engaging, and help support their learning and development across all areas of the curriculum. Miss C Valente

Georgia Pierce:  Year 1  Teacher 

Miss Pierce joined Longford in September 2019, and previously worked in year 1 for two years in one of our GLA schools.  Her priorities are to work with all the children and parents at Longford to ensure the children have the best possible experiences in school. She is passionate about the year 1 curriculum and likes to make learning as fun and engaging for the children. 

 Helen Wiggall (job share with Amy Piper)  Year 2  Teacher and Phase Leader

Mrs Wiggall was thrilled to join Longford Park in 2019  as KS1 and Early Years Lead. She has been part of the GLA since  it was first established and has many years experience of teaching and learning. Mrs Wiggall is passionate about making learning enjoyable and exciting whilst ‘Flying High’.

Amy Piper Year 2 Teacher

 I have been teaching for 12 years (3 years at Rowanfield Infant School and 9 years at BCPA)I am excited about being back in KS1 and am passionate about providing learning opportunities which are practical, engaging and fun! 



Shannon Hathway Year 3 Teacher

My name is Miss Hathway and I am new to Longford Park this year; however, I have been working in the GLA for 3 years now. I enjoy working in KS2 and always look to ensure that children receive the best possible education and support from teachers and support staff. My favourite subjects to teach are English and Reading and I am an avid reader myself. I love to make learning enjoyable and hope children will ‘Fly High’ this year!


Helen Merrett:  (job share with Mr Clowes) Key Stage 2 Teacher and Phase Leader 

 Mrs Merrett is a very experienced teacher who joined us from another GLA school in September 2019, Rowanfield Junior School. She enjoys helping children to achieve their very best and hopes that they have fun doing so! Mrs Merrett has worked as part of the GLA for many years and has a particular interest in reading and inclusion. 

 Danny Barthorpe: GLA Behaviour Lead

Mr Barthorpe is the behaviour lead for the GLA and has  teams of pastoral support staff across the alliance. Mr Barthorpe is passionate about nurturing self-growth in children and supporting them in reaching their full potential. His team works closely with schools SENCOs and teaching staff to monitor and support the needs of children and provides tailored, research based interventions when needed. Danny has a vast amount of experience in teaching and has worked in PRU’s, alternative provisions, colleges and universities.