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School Meals

Hot meals will be freshly prepared and cooked on site for children attending the school by Alliance in Partnership (AiP).  A large hall provides a space for children to enjoy healthy food at a very affordable price. There is a choice of four menu choices daily including a healthy packed lunch option.  Alternatively, a healthy packed lunch can be brought in from home. We ask that children do not bring fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate to school. We are healthy school and promote a balanced diet for all our pupils.   

Meals will be charged at the very reasonable rate of £2.30 a day in partner schools and can be paid for using Arbor only. Currently, infant children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) enjoy free meals although, if you are still eligible for free schools meals (due to income based support or credits for example), you should still register for this additional benefit. 

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We need to emphasise that AIP are able to cater for children with allergies or other dietary requirements. Please note that parents do need to contact AIP direct. Occasionally, children join the school with a peanut allergy. Although the school can never be deemed 'nut-free' we do not use peanut butter or any other nut products in any lessons or school activities and we would also ask that parents to co-operate by not sending in items of food to school with peanut butter or nuts. 

Have a look at the AIP website for contact details or contact our office for more information or guidance.