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School Times and Attendance

The school, nursery, breakfast club and after school club operates term-time only. The hours are 8.50am - 3.15pm.

The two gates (adjacent to the tarmac playground and the gate at the corner of the field) will be opened at 8.40am. Children should be accompanied with a parent or carer and taken to the outside classroom door. On our first day of any child starting school, they can come through the main office entrance to be met by the Headteacher.

Children can go straight into class. The register is taken and the gates are locked at 8.50am. Any children not in at this time should be brought to the main school office and signed in late. The gates will be opened again at 3.10 pm for children to be picked up from the external class door at 3.15 pm.

Please do not park in the car park.


If a pupil is prevented from attending school as a result of sickness or other unavoidable cause, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the school of the pupil’s absence. We ask that this should be done as soon as possible after 8.30am on the first day of absence and then on any consecutive days. The telephone message will be recorded on an absence slip and filed in the class register for the teacher’s reference. These slips will be removed from the register each Friday and retained on file in the school office for future records. This type of absence is classed as authorised absence (see registration codes) unless the Head Teacher or other member of staff is unhappy with the reason provided.

Absences due to family bereavement (close relatives only) or for religious observance will be authorised at the Head teacher’s discretion. However absences for shopping, visiting relatives, day trips, birthdays etc will be classed as unauthorised absence.

Please click on the following link for our Parents Attendance Guide: /docs/Parents_Attendance_Guide_February_2023.pdf

Medical Appointments

We encourage parents not to make medical appointments during school time if possible. Medical appointments taken in school time affect attendance figures for individual pupils as well class groups and the school as a whole.

When should I keep my child off from school

The NHS have provided guidance which can be accessed here:

Is my child too ill for school? - NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Breakfast Club

Children need to arrive at 8.00am and will be met at the hall door (accessed via the car park).

After School Club

Children will be go straight to the hall where they will be met by club staff. Children can be picked up via the school hall.

Other club times will vary. Please refer to enrolment information.