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Flying High at Longford Park
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At Longford Park Primary Academy, we want everyone who sees our children both inside and outside of school to know who they are. Uniform is a very important part of this! It sends a clear message both in school and out in the community that each child at Longford Park Primary Academy is 'Flying High'.

Details of uniform are as follows:



Blue/White checked short-sleeved dress (in summer)

Grey skirt or trousers

White polo top

Blue sweatshirt/Cardigan (Logo optional)

Black shoes (No boots/Trainers/Heels)

White polo top

Grey shorts or trousers

Black shoes (No trainers/football shoes)

Blue sweatshirt (Logo optional)

Your child will be allocated one of these houses. PE t-shirts with this house name are available from Trutex. Children will also need black shorts, white socks, black plimsolls and track suit bottoms (in winter). These can be purchased anywhere but do have a look at the fleece tops available at the school uniform shop, details below.

Uniform can be purchased at Trutex: click below for the link:


Stikins: on easy name label with multiple uses for all kinds of personal items including clothes and shoes:

Click here for more information.


By using this link, the school will gain 30% commission to help provide extras for your children! You can also order by phone quoting 35851.