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Y6 Revision websites

https://uk.ixl.com/math/year-6 - Examples of SATs style questions.


Whole class


Practice telling the time to the nearest minute on an analogue clock!


English- Talk 4 Writing

Over the year so far we have learnt lots of different texts which include a wishing tale, warning story and a defeating the monster.

  • Write your own wishing tale and don’t forget to include alliteration (broken brick), a simile (it was as sparkly as a diamond) and adverbs to describe how someone or something is moving (quickly, slowly).

Here is the model text we are currently learning:


Bare Bones

Text-The Lost Prince

Opening –

Ø  MC wants to do something badly

Many moons ago, a young prince lived in a vast royal palace on the edge of a wind-swept desert.  He was a bold and arrogant child who had everything given to him. Late one night, the prince heard a strange story whispered between his father’s chief advisor and a palace guard.  The story told of a small, magical coin hidden at the edge of the desert near a palm tree with a twisted trunk.  Whoever owned the coin could use it to grant one wish but terrible bad luck had befallen all who had taken the coin.  Nevertheless, the prince wanted that coin for himself.  

Build up –

Ø  MC decides to try and get it

Ø  MC works out a plan of action

Following a night of dreams about even greater riches, the prince dressed in his blue, silk trousers and gold-threaded tunic and brushed his soft, brown hair.  The prince, who was walking to meet his father for breakfast, thought carefully about whether to tell the King about the magic coin.  ‘Why should I share the wish from this coin!’ he thought to himself. He hatched a cunning plan. 

Problem –

Ø  MC prevented by some kind of difficulty

Ø  MC has to overcome the difficulty

On horseback, the prince left the palace alone.  For days, he trekked through the desert under the blazing hot sun.  Sweat mixed with the dust from the sand and rubbed at his skin, his water supplies ran low and his horse struggled against the strong winds.  One night, an immense sand storm swirled and danced around the prince and his horse. By morning, the wind had gone but so had the prince’s horse!  Continuing on foot, the prince knew he was close to the edge of the desert.

Resolution –

Ø  MC eventually gets what he/she wanted

Eventually, the prince saw the palm tree with the twisted trunk.  As he threw himself to the ground and begun to dig with his hands, dark clouds moved across the sun.  The prince shivered but continued to dig.  “I have it!” he yelled to the sky as he pulled a small, bronze coin out of the sand.  Lightning forked through the sky and it began to rain.  “I am saved,” said the prince as he opened his mouth to drink the falling raindrops.  “Look how lucky this coin has already been!”  All of a sudden, the prince heard a beautiful voice floating on the wind,

“Make one wish but think for a bit.  Know that the coin’s keeper will come for it.” 

“Nonsense.  I am the prince,” he shouted to the sky.  “I will send the coin’s keeper away.”

Ending –

Ø  Has it been worth it?

Ø  Has MC learnt something or been taught a lesson?

Ø  Will things be different now?

The prince returned to his father’s palace with the coin.  Sitting in the secluded garden, he pulled out the coin and muttered his wish.  “I wish to be richer than the King himself,” he commanded.  Thousands and thousands of golden coins poured from the skies all around the prince.  The prince laughed aloud as his father and the entire palace household came running to see what was happening. 


Like a rumble of thunder, suddenly the sky was full of fire and shrieking.  An enormous dragon, which had black, leathery wings, was streaking through the sky towards the prince.  Panicking, the prince looked for the coin to return it to the keeper but it was lost amongst the golden treasure.  By evening, the palace had been burned to the ground.  The King ordered for his son to be thrown into the desert because of his greed. The prince was a lonely and lost child who had now lost everything.


  • Write a fact file based on someone you live with. Don’t forget to include the sub-headings:



-Date of birth

-Personal life


-Did you know?

Use your imagination to write the next parts of this story.

Story starter! The never-ending tunnel


Motionless, she stood gazing down the never-ending tunnel. The track extended as far as the eye could see, encased by walls of brightest green. The trees that lined the way grew tall, reaching up and over, interlocking their spindly branches like fingers trapping whoever dared to walk this treacherous route. It was like looking down nature’s kaleidoscope.

Where did the path lead? She had dreamt of this moment, but in her dream she couldn’t remember what happened next.

There was only one way to find out; she bravely took a step forward…

Build up-






Climax- something happens (most exciting part)

















Everyday Edit! Can you find 10 mistakes in this piece of writing and correct them? (spelling, punctuation and grammar)



Science- light and dark




Y3 children who usually use this in school- Teach you Monster to Read- it is free to set up an account for your child online. https://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/

Keep using the world book day website which has author masterclasses and tasks that you can follow along with. https://www.worldbookday.com/wbdtv/

Try to read for at least half an hour a day- to yourself, a brother or sister or anyone in your home.


Homophones-words that sound the same but have different meanings

-make a list of as many pairs of homophones as you can. Draw pictures that help you remember the meaning of each one. E.g pair and pear, their and there etc


Knowledge Activator-

In our knowledge activator lessons, we have been learning all about ways to communicate in the Ancient Egyptian times.

Let’s now look at something more recent- Research Alexander Graham Bell

  • Find how people used to communicate in the past.
  • Research information about Samuel Morse who created Morse Code.
  • Create your own secret message using Morse Code.



  • Put on your favourite song and create a dance routine. Don’t forget to think about your movements and how you can explore the music using your bodies in an expressive way.
  • Go for a walk, scoot or bike ride!
  • Create a gymnastic sequence. A gymnastic sequence is where two or more skills are performed together.


If you can get outside or in your back garden, have a go at this!
















Book club-

  • Choose your two favourite book characters, combine them and then draw them. Create a name and label them.
  • Who is your favourite author? Find out different titles of the books that your chosen author has written.
  • Read a magazine and highlight the key facts.
  • Read a story, draw the front cover and invent a new title for it.
  • Read the beginning of a story and create your own ending.
  • Read two books and write about which one you prefer and why. Explain in detail.
  • Read a book of your choice; write down 3 true facts and 1 false fact. Can a partner find the false fact?
  • Choose a story and read to your favourite cuddly toy.
  • Read a story to an adult and then ask them questions about it.
  • Read a book out loud with lots of expression.
  • Read a story and change the main character as you read.
  • Choose a text and read it using silly, funny voices. (Squeaky, whispering)
  • Find the funniest place you can read in your house and enjoy your text.