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Tier 1 home learning


A pupil needs to self-isolate because they display symptoms of COVID-19 (new, continuous cough, high temperature or a change or loss of taste of smell). They may be away from school for between one and fourteen days (longer if a member of their household displays symptoms then receives a positive diagnosis)

What you need to do:

Contact your school in the first instance to report the reason for absence and book a COVID-19 test via www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

Provide updates for the school as appropriate regarding test outcomes and returning to school safely.

The educational provision your child will receive:

For the first five days of their absence, your child can use their Year Group home learning timetable to guide their home education. This is a set of high quality online resources, carefully selected by GLA staff, using lessons from a variety of sources, including the Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize. Year group five day timetables can be found below:

EYFS (Reception) timetable and resources

Year 1 timetable and resources

Year 2 timetable and resources

Year 3 timetable and resources

Year 4 timetable and resources

Year 5 timetable and resources


For any subsequent days of absence, your child’s class teacher will make contact with you and your child to provide ongoing education. This will be provided through the Microsoft Teams platform, where work will be assigned and can be completed and submitted back to the teacher. This school work will include:

  • daily English and maths sessions,
  • reading expectations and
  • a further assignment, covering, for example, science, history, or art.

This work will link with what the children in class are learning.

Expectations of work completion and contact:

If your child is self-isolating because they are ill there is no expectation to complete work.

There is an expectation that all work set from school is completed. For work completed during the initial first five days of self-isolation, this does not have to be returned to the class teacher and no direct feedback will be given.

For any subsequent work (set directly via Teams), work should be completed and submitted through Teams and feedback will be given as appropriate to support learning and progress.

After the initial five days of self-isolation, your child’s class teacher will arrange direct contact with the pupil at least twice a week to provide verbal feedback and encouragement and to ensure the child continues to feel as a member of the class.