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Behaviour and Anti-bullying

Longford Park Primary Academy aims to be  a well-disciplined, ordered school community where teachers are able to teach and children are happy in the learning. Our vision 'Flying High at Longford Park' underpins the process by which this ethos is maintained.

A Achieve our Best 

B Be our Best 

C Celebrate our Best

Consistency is key to behaviour management so all classes will have a visual display to provide reward and encouragement, with clear sanctions for unacceptable behaviour. Positive behaviour is also supported by targeted support for behaviour, emotional, support training (BEST), pupil premium intervention team, learning attitudes and a personal, social, health and citizenship (PSHCE) curriulum and by UNITED (the tool which all children use in class to promote resilience and independent learning).

Anti-bullying and Anti-hate ethos

Every child should be able to learn in a school environment free from bullying of any kind and in which they feel safe and supported. The Government have published advice for schools, including cyberbullying. Details can be found by clicking here.

All governors, teaching and non- teaching staff, pupils and parents should have a clear understanding of what bullying is as well as what we mean by hate crime. A policy handbook outlines the procedures, how to follow this when bullying is reported. As a school we take bullying very seriously, pupils and parents should be assured that they will be supported when bullying behaviours are reported. We understand that eradicating bullying behaviours is everyone’s responsibility. For a copy of the anti-bullying and Hate Crime handbook, click here.  

Click on the policy tab (About Us navigation tab) for all policies supporting behaviour.

Please note that handbooks provide operational guidance at each academy, but the Gloucestershire Learning Alliance policies outline the principles and guidance for all schools. Please click here for GLA policies.

 For information about the Education and Inspections Act, click here.


For a copy of the GLA exclusion policy, click here.